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Hair Styling Kit

$444.00 AUD

This Hair Styling Kit has been created for students who already own most of their key hair styling tools at home but still need to purchase the other key items to complete their ultimate Hair Styling Kit. 

This Kit is designed for our Diploma of Screen and Media students ready to undertake their Hair Styling Unit. 

The Kit contains 10 items.

- Silver Bullet Blue Series Ceramic Hot Tube Brush
- Krest Goldliocks Cutting Comb & Tail Combo Pack
- Dateline Teasing Brush 3 Rows
- Iceman Blade 5.5" Satin Scissor - Offset
- Mannequin Long Hair Blonde - Krystal
- 999 Metal Curl Clips 100pc - Single Prong
- 999 Large Crocodile Clips 6 Pc - Black
- 999 Duckbill Clips 30pc - Black
- Brushworx Silver Bullett Porpupine Oval Cusion Brush
- Dateline Professional Large Plastic Ivory Clamp 

Please note that this kit can take up to 3 days to be dispatched from our warehouse.

Due to the occasional unavailability of some items, Kit/set contents or prices may change at any time and no refunds/returns are applicable.