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Explore 9 Amazing Makeup Artist Career Pathways

Posted on June 06 2024

If you're passionate about makeup and dreaming of a vibrant career in the industry, you're in luck! Our Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialist Makeup) CUA51020 opens up numerous exciting career pathways. Here are 9 incredible career options, both in Australia and internationally, that you can pursue with the skills and knowledge gained from our comprehensive program.

1. Bridal Makeup Artist

Specializing in bridal makeup is a rewarding path, allowing you to be part of someone's most memorable day. As a Bridal Makeup Artist, you'll create stunning, long-lasting looks for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride. Follow the journey of @emilywalkearglam, an amazingly talented artist who has made a name for herself in the bridal makeup industry, showcasing her beautiful and elegant creations.

2. Runway Makeup Artist

For those who thrive in fast-paced, high-energy environments, becoming a Runway Makeup Artist is an excellent choice. You'll work backstage at fashion shows, creating bold and avant-garde looks that complement the designer's vision. This role often involves travel and the opportunity to work with top models and designers.

3. Editorial Makeup Artist

Editorial Makeup Artists craft stunning looks for magazines, advertising campaigns, and photo shoots. This career allows for immense creativity and experimentation with different styles and trends. It's a fantastic way to see your work published in prestigious publications and collaborate with photographers and stylists.

4. Theatre Makeup Artist

If you love the performing arts, consider a career as a Theatre Makeup Artist. This role involves creating dramatic and character-specific looks for stage productions, ensuring actors' makeup is visible and effective under stage lighting. It's a dynamic and fulfilling career, blending artistry with storytelling.

5. Special Effects Makeup Artist

Special Effects (SPFX) Makeup Artists transform actors into fantastical creatures, aging characters, or even zombies. This highly creative and technical field is perfect for those who enjoy working with prosthetics, latex, and other materials. Follow @lizziesharp to see the amazing work and creativity that goes into SPFX makeup, making movie magic come to life.

6. TV Makeup Artist

As a TV Makeup Artist, you'll ensure that presenters, actors, and guests look their best on screen. This role requires precision and adaptability, as you'll work in various genres, from news to drama series. Check out the work of @karli_ryan_norman, who has achieved great success in this field, making sure TV personalities always look camera-ready.

7. Makeup Artistry Trainer/Teacher

Share your passion and expertise by becoming a Makeup Artistry Trainer or Teacher. This career path allows you to educate and inspire the next generation of makeup artists. @elizabethsurtees is a shining example of how rewarding this role can be, combining teaching with creative expression and industry knowledge.

8. Freelance Makeup Artist

Kyira Gardiner, a Graduate from the Brisbane Campus, has quickly made her mark in the industry. She has worked on several short films, competed in the 48hr film festival, and secured a Makeup Attachment through Screen Queensland. Currently, she's the Key Artist for a Special Effects short film by Profound Visions. Kyira also runs a home studio for everyday clients. Follow her journey on Instagram @kyiracheriemakeupartist.

9. Business Entrepreneur Makeup Artist

Emma Davis, another Graduate of the Academy of Makeup, transformed a clinical routine into an indulgent self-care ritual by creating a unique Sanitising Cream. After three and a half years of development, she launched her product in 2021, combining effective germ elimination with Australian botanicals for a luxurious experience. Emma's brand, esst, emphasizes informed beauty, focusing on non-toxic ingredients, science-backed research, and sustainable packaging. Inspired by the Academy's emphasis on hygiene, Emma attributes her entrepreneurial success to the comprehensive education and expert instructors she encountered during her studies. Learn more on Instagram @esstskincare

International Opportunities

While these careers are thriving in Australia, the skills you gain at the Academy of Makeup can also open doors globally. Imagine working in the bustling makeup scenes of Los Angeles or London, where the industry is vibrant and full of opportunities. These cities offer unparalleled experiences and the chance to work with some of the world's top talents.

With a Diploma of Screen & Media Makeup from the Academy of Makeup, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose to build your career in Australia or venture into the international makeup scene, our program equips you with the skills and connections to succeed. Follow the amazing journeys of these talented artists and start envisioning your future in makeup artistry today!