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Exciting Offers for Our July Diploma Intake!

Posted on June 03 2024

As we gear up for our July 2024 Diploma intake at the Academy of Makeup, we're thrilled to announce some fantastic offers that make this the perfect time to enroll and kick-start your career in makeup artistry!


1. Scholarships

First, we have exclusive scholarship opportunities available for aspiring makeup artists. These scholarships are designed to provide financial support, allowing talented individuals to pursue their passion without the burden of high costs. Apply now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and receive world-class training from industry professionals. Applications are open to all, and the process is quick, easy and fun!  Just ask our Course Advisor Team for your Application form.


2. Early Bird discount

Additionally, we're offering an Early Bird discount for those who secure their spot before midnight, June 30. By enrolling early, you'll not only save on tuition fees but also ensure your place in our highly sought-after Diploma.


3. Early Payment Incentive

And for those who prefer to make a full upfront payment, we're pleased to offer a 10% discount on your total tuition. This is a fantastic way to invest in your future while enjoying significant savings.


Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to save on your course fees! Join our July 2024 intake, and let the Academy of Makeup help you transform your passion for makeup into a successful career!