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What's On In September?

Posted on August 14 2023

September promises a burst of exclusive courses at the Academy of Makeup.

Whether you're a night owl keen on our evening 'Certificate in Makeup After Hours', or looking for a day-time course to master 'Spray Tanning' and 'Lash Extensions', we've got you covered.

Dive into a rapid 5-day 'Express Certificate in Makeup' or delve into character creation with our hands-on 'SPFX' Course.

Seats are limited and filling quickly - so act now to secure your spot!


Certificate In Makeup After Hours Course: Boost your makeup expertise after hours, starting September 5.


Spray Tan Course: Learn how to spray tan! Starts on September 10.


Lash Extensions Course: Boost your earnings & expand your skills. Enrolling for September 17th & 24th.


Express Certificate in Makeup: Fast track your way to becoming a makeup artist this September 17th.


Special Effects Course: Learn the makeup tricks of Hollywood on September 22.


Certificate In Makeup (Friday) Course: The perfect end to your week! Join us starting September 22.


Certificate In Makeup (Sunday) Course: Maximize your weekend, starting September 24.